Boujad rug 5.97 ft x 6.49 ft
Boujad rug 5.97 ft x 6.49 ft
a picture of a pink and pink sign
a picture of a picture of some flowers
a picture of a city street with pink flowers
a purple flower is in a pink wall
a picture of a bed with a blanket on it
a birthday cake that is on a table
a purple bed with pink sheets and pink sheets
a close up of a bunch of flowers in a cage
a purple purple and pink flower in a pink flower
a pink teddy bear with a pink bow
a picture of a tie that is on a book

Boujad rug 5.97 ft x 6.49 ft

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Profit from these authentic rugs that are handstitched from natural sheep wool. crafted by hand and plain-woven by the extremely talented Berber girls of the tribes within the High chain of the atlas in Morocco.

The Moroccan boujaad Berber carpets are lavish and adapted to all spaces and will be used as an area rug for any home like they were historically used, that includes a dressed up abstract style with Berber graphic. Every Moroccan carpet is handpicked by craftswomen and is taken into account as real originals and no two rugs are alike.


  • Every Boujaad rug you purchase is one of a kind, and no two are alike!
  • These Berber rugs are luxurious and perfect for any room and décor.

Condition: Aged

Material: Wool

Construction: Hand-knotted

Size: 5.97 Ft by 6.49 Ft

Handling:  It takes 2 to 3 business days before shipping your item. 

Care: Please vacuum your rug regularly to avoid shedding, for cleaning contact us we'll be happy to refer you to a professional in your area. 

Shipping: After handling, the package is shipped through DHL services and a tracking number is issued, the package will take from 3 to 5 business days to arrive to your door.

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