Handling and Shipping

Handling and Shipping are a very important part of what we do on a daily basis, we take the care of double checking every single detail of the process.

Step 1:
Receiving your order.

Step 2:
We proceed to a status check by looking for any little issue with the rug like stains or holes, in case there are any, we communicate that to you immediately, and ask if you want it to be repaired or changed, if it is the case, go to the next step, if not  jump to Step 4.

Step 3:
We repair of change the rug.

Step 4:
We prepare the export and customs paperwork, to insure a smooth transit.

Step 5:
We vacuum your rug one last time before wrapping.

Step 6:
Your rug is carefully wrapped in first paper layer then in a second plastic fiber.

Step 7:
Your rug is picked up by DHL,UPS or FEDEX and a tracking number is generated.

Step 8:
We send you the tracking number, and wait for it to arrive in front of your door in 3 business days.

Step 9:
Your rug arrives to your door, you open it, you love it and you enjoy the amazing deal you've made.

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