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The Colorful abstraction

Little Artworks made in the Valley of Happy people, Azilal rugs are well known for their white background, small sizes, linear designs and a medium pile wool.

Beni Ouarain

The Big ambassador

Handmade Moroccan rugs brought by Le Corbusier to the international interior design scene in the 1920s, recognizable with its minimalistic black and white signature.


The Funky rug

The new flagship of the Moroccan weavers, Boujaad rugs gain fame in the last couple of years, thanks to their funky design and colors, they are usually use as centerpiece.


The Sustainable beauty

Made from old fabrics, Boucherouite rugs present the variety in textures, colors and designs, made almost in all the Moroccan regions, they reflect the richness of the Moroccan culture.


The Saffron Pigmented

Known for the ancestral knowledge of the natural dying process, Taznakht rugs come in different designs with outstanding colors and an exceptional wool.

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Organized by regions based on where the rugs are made. Dive in, Explore

All Moroccan Rugs

It's a mission we have to repesent all types of Moroccan Rugs, it shows how diverse this country is.  It's our way to express gratitude and to be mindfull to all regions and all tribes with no descrimination. 

We feel the need to educate and inform our clients and visitors about all the moroccan rugs, we try to enrich our collection and have as much as we can to showcase those piece of art. 

You may not find us selling all the kinds of rugs, but you for sure can read our about them in our blog section and explore more. 

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The colorful Abstraction

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Beniouarain the region the story and the style !

If there’s a single type of Moroccan rug that is known the world over, it has to be the Beni Ourain. The modern, simplistic style has taken the design world by storm and pops up in homes around the world. But, this rug was not originally made for sale. It’s history is much more practical and utilitarian.

Boujaad fam, floor or wall ?

The best if not the only real funky rugs. Made in the Boujaad region, they were used for centuries as flooring but also as wall decoration. trendy and cool they fit in specific home decor. What's good about them is they cannot be copied as it's a wild inspiration of graphic abstract that only the women who made it could explain.

Boucherouite, what's the story behind ?

The famous Boucherouite can be made from wool or cotton, it used to be the only way to recycle clothes decades ago. It's not speific to Morocco, however, the moroccan technique makes out of the practice fine and beautiful rug. Nowdays they can be used in so many styles and can fit in many home decoration.

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Azilal, art colors and story !

Old or new style, Azilal Rugs have always vibrant colors. 
The wool is soft and the paterns are linear abstract in the new styles or asymetric geometry forms in the old style. Those piece come in all sizes and used to be blankets or wall decoration centuries ago. They'll fit in modern home decor as well as bohemian style.