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Dear professionals,

We welcome you to our space and we hope that you’re having a nice time surfing on our website. 

Our main goal in the trade program is to be inclusive, therefore no professional qualification or certification is required to be eligible for the B2B program.

We believe people should be given all means with no restrictions on their background nor education choices to be creative !
Our B2B discount is automatic starting from 6 pieces with the code B2B.

For more than 10 pieces please contact us. We'll be more than happy to make you a great offer and see how we can satisfy your demand and meet your standards. 

Discounts for professionals are calculated based on the pieces you chose and their weight for shipping rates.  

For Producing and making your own collection or pieces please  send us an email with you idea along with a picture of your design.  

If you are in Marrakech feel free to pay us a visit, we’d love to see you and meet you in our office/ warehouse.  

Please make sure you send us an email or call us to get an appointment.  

From Marrakech with Love
AMR Team  

+212 703 961 850

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