Meet the team

Meet our wonderful crew

Whether it's coding, designing, serving others, helping clients get the best experience - we all are invested and believe that symbiosis inside our team reflects in our behaviour and consideration to our clients and their needs. We are a dynamic crew of like minded folks who care about the experience we share together and the one we share with other people including our partners, our makers and our clients. We love partnering with other local or international fellowship to co-create new designs and search for solutions to make this ancestral product adapted to our modern life and use.

Chairman - Investor

Abderrazzak Abouothman

Project Manager

Moncef Aneffeg

Store Manager

Sara Morsli

Inventory Manager


Operations Manager

Taha mahmoudi

Warehouse Keeper

Abdel Nor el hilal

Order Clerk

Abja El Idrissi

Web Master

Reda Benjari

Young and passionate ALL Moroccan Rugs team was created right before Corona hit the world, a heart idea that was developed in the midst of the world closing and collapsing.

We started as a small team with three people Sara, Taha with Reda who was working in a rug online selling platform for more than 5 years before stepping in with two who were working in the tourism industry for almost 5 years. 

Later on, Fatimzahra and Amal two young women joined the team to be the skeleton of the business taking care of the product’s inventory, pictures' organization and helping with the website. 

This project has been possible thanks to our mentor and investor Hadj Abderrazak who was happy to see the next generation interested in a traditional product that himself was selling and making for years after his dad.
Hadj now owns a few shops and specializes in high quality premium rugs and antiques.

We’re proud to grow under his wings and get all the knowledge and know how he has gathered throughout his career supplying shops overseas with vintage and new made rugs for more than 40 years now. 

He taught us so much about this business but most of all he taught us what it takes to be fair, passionate and patient with the people involved in the process and respectful to an old tradition and hand-craftsmanship that existed since the Palaeolithic era in North Africa. 

We as a team learnt to trust the old know how and the hands making astonishing pieces the hard ancestral way and combine it with what we know best, technology ! 

AMR Team

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