Azilal Rug 9.35 ft x 4.59 ft

Moroccan Azilal carpets are famous around the rug weaving Moroccan industry,  this splendid geometrical red rug will enlighten a room with its bright attractive colors.  

This Berber rug is hand-woven by Berber women who shape these rugs in the pure Azilal custom. This beautiful carpet was created from 100% natural wool, with no chemicals involved in the process.

A beautiful blend of colors (dark blue, white, black, yellow...) on a charming red background, it forms a combination of colors that are very well picked to please all tastes.


  • Every Azilal you purchase is one of a kind, and no two are alike!
  • These Berber rugs are luxurious and perfect for any room and home decor.


Condition: Aged

Material: Wool

Construction: Hand-knotted

Size: 9.35 Ft by 4.59 Ft

Handling:  It takes 2 to 3 business days before shipping your item. 

Care: Please vacuum your rug regularly to avoid shedding, for cleaning contact us we'll be happy to refer you to a professional in your area. 

Shipping: After handling, the package is shipped through DHL services and a tracking number is issued, the package will take from 3 to 5 business days to arrive to your door.

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