Azilal rug 9.18 ft x 5.64 ft

Azilal rugs are fantastic Moroccan rugs with a rich history and unique Moroccan design, they are usually completely handmade rugs, and most times they are white rugs with mixed colors made by sheep wool to give them a very soft perception.

Thanks to this awesome Berber rug from Morocco, you will discover a new hobby, taking wonderful pictures next to this nice rug nonstop! order now and benefit from free&fast shipping to your house. This one is also called a diamond rug, it has multiple geometric drawings on the surface. These brown diamonds represent the strong character of Berber people from the region of the Atlas mountains, this type of area rugs is their national treasure. 

  • Every azilal rug you purchase is one of a kind, and no two are alike!
  • These Berber rugs are luxurious and perfect for any room and décor.


Condition: Aged

Material: Wool

Construction: Hand-knotted

Size:  9.18 ft x 5.64 ft

Handling:  It takes 2 to 3 business days before shipping your item. 

Care: Please vacuum your rug regularly to avoid shedding, for cleaning contact us we'll be happy to refer you to a professional in your area. 

Shipping: After handling, the package is shipped through DHL services and a tracking number is issued, the package will take from 3 to 5 business days to arrive to your door.


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