Azilal rug 8.07 ft x 3.57 ft

A truly special piece woven by Berber women with masterful hands in the Azilal region of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains.

The particular Azilal Berber area rug has an eggshell background and some brightly colored motifs inspired by the local Berber and Amazigh culture which is one of the most ancient in the continent!

This beautiful handwoven combination creates some terrific magical hues which would look absolutely superb in a studio or apartment and give it a  bobo chic look whatever the style you have at home, this type of Moroccan rugs always brings warmth to your room and will never allow any room to appear empty and cold.

When you purchase a real Berber rug like this one, you buy into a unique piece filled with wonderful stories that crossed generations.


  • Every azilal rug you purchase is one of a kind, and no two are alike!
  • These Berber rugs are luxurious and perfect for any room and decor.


Condition: Vintage

Material: Wool

Construction: Hand-knotted 

Size: 8.07 Ft by 3.57 Ft

Handling:  It takes 2 to 3 business days before shipping your item. 

Care: Please vacuum your rug regularly to avoid shedding, for cleaning contact us we'll be happy to refer you to a professional in your area. 

Shipping: After handling, the package is shipped through DHL services and a tracking number is issued, the package will take from 3 to 5 business days to arrive to your door.

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